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21st Century youth is immensely talented and is looking for startups. Various problems various solutions and new startups. One thing is evident that only 2% of the startups get successful on large scale and the reasons are endless behind the failure of startups. There are many reasons behind a startup to get successful or unsuccessful. One of the major reasons is the target audience.

Target Audience

The Target Audience is the people for which you are starting your business. Before implementing a new idea we should check the target audience of that idea or startup. …

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Since the start of the pandemic, a question that has been asked on daily basis is which option suits you best?

Work from Home? Or Work from Office?

I thought it would be great if I can express my love for work from an office in words so started writing this article.

Initially working from home was one of the best blessings one had and we all were enjoying it at the start that now we don’t need to get dressed up every morning, start our car, drive all the way to the office but rather just need to open…

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Ever thought why some people in their professional lives get huge success within no time than others working for years and years can’t reach.

There are various factors attached to a successful career that might include hard work, confidence & communication skills, technical skillset, managerial skills, and mental capability of performing tasks within the deadlines. A characteristic that most people don’t keep in mind is honesty and humility.

Being Humble

After looking at the career of various people I created this opinion that one of the most valuable characteristics one can have at work is being humble. It can be…

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Shutting Down of dine-in creating an opportunity for food delivering companies:

During the pandemic one booming and attractive field started to lose its charm, Yes you got it right. The food industry. The food industry was facing shutdowns, limited and controlled dine-in resulting in the laying off of employees from chefs to waiters and sweepers to cashier. Here came a survivor that is the home delivery of food.

Let's deep dive into the food delivering industry.
Ever thought about what happens when you place an order on the food delivery app?
Usually there are 4 steps,

What happens when you…

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Have you ever thought while ordering food that how does a food delivering app earn? This is a question that arises in many minds when they are having food at home.

Sources of Income :
A food delivery application has various sources of income from which they earn. Starting with commissions on each order. On each sale made the company charges the restaurant with a specific percentage of commission that is usually communicated earlier with the restaurant. …

Muhammad Raza Bhojani

A Data Analyst by profession who loves Public speaking, Content writing and Playing Cricket

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