Food Delivering Companies: Supporting Economy During Pandemic

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Shutting Down of dine-in creating an opportunity for food delivering companies:

During the pandemic one booming and attractive field started to lose its charm, Yes you got it right. The food industry. The food industry was facing shutdowns, limited and controlled dine-in resulting in the laying off of employees from chefs to waiters and sweepers to cashier. Here came a survivor that is the home delivery of food.

Let's deep dive into the food delivering industry.
Ever thought about what happens when you place an order on the food delivery app?
Usually there are 4 steps,

What happens when you place an online order?

  • The rider receives the order and moves towards the restaurant.
  • The cashier or the manager of the restaurant gets the order on his device either a tablet/mobile and he accepts it.
  • He then escalates the order to his chef or team of chefs depending on the restaurant size & setup.
  • Lastly, the rider collects the food from the counter and delivers it to the hungry customer waiting for it.

Let's further evaluate how this process completes and how many people are involved directly and indirectly in it creating more & more employment opportunities.

Employment Opportunities:

Usually people think that a food delivering company only provides jobs to the riders but that's not true, there is a whole eco-system that runs behind an order.
Let's get further into the departments that work in a food delivery company:

Sales & Business Development Associates:

These people are the key to any business, Similar to a food delivering company these people play a vital role in signing the contracts, negotiating with vendors, and bringing vendors on board.

Operations Associates:

The beautiful application you see, the interesting and attractive menu you visualize are mainly due to this team, Operations is responsible for various tasks such as editing a menu, training a restaurant regarding use of the device, resolving customer & vendor queries, performing compliance of vendors and keeping everything else smooth

Logistics Associates:

This team is responsible for hiring & managing riders. They also work on order forecasting in order to resolve logistic issues and maintain a 30 minutes delivery time.

Marketing Associates:

A very important department who create beautiful advertisements either it is a TV ad or online social media banner. This team is solely responsible for creating a brand image and encouraging customers to order.

Expansions Associates:

Every company explores new cities and zones where they can expand, these people are always on travel finding and exploring new cities, zones, and opportunities where the food delivery company can expand and grow.

Accounts & Finance Associates:

These people are responsible for providing timely payments to restaurants. Rider Salaries, funds, treasury, and other financial matters are looked at by this team.

After knowing all these people are involved just within the company behind each successful order and of course there are many people involved outside the company too like hundreds & thousands of chefs around the globe working tirelessly to give you your desired food.

So, next time whenever you place an order through an online application, Keep in mind that your every order is helping all these people grow.

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